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Turn your mobile device into the most powerful CNC tool and change your life for better.

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6 reasons why you need a Mobile CAM CNC


Mobile CAM CNC has a lot of CNC cycles and patterns useful in most circumstances


Mobile CAM CNC is simple and easy to use, with simple and clear user interface.


By using Mobile CAM CNC you are able to create and generate a ready program within a few seconds


Mobile CAM CNC is an app, so it'll be on your mobile, close to you.Every time when you need it


Mobile CAM CNC generates a code in the most popular form G-code (ISO) compatible with FANUC/HAAS and others


Mobile CAM CNC has many settings that allowes you personalize it as you like

The most important technical informations

  • combining the operation automatically if they use the same tool to reduce the time required to obtain the final product
  • supporting new and old CNC machines, so you can choose the option with or without full coolant through
  • no matter in what order you add the operation, Mobile CAM CNC will put them in order *
  • separate User Interface (UI) for tablets or mobiles to increase your User Experiences (UX)
  • 15 operations (covers most typical CNC operations) including 2 smart cycles **
  • 4 patterns
  • 22 materials
  • 5 tapping standards (CORSE, FINE, BSP, UNC, UNF)
  • simulator(see coordinates, check distance between points, play simulation of tool path, quick access to selected operation, move operations and move & copy operations, delete operations)
  • subroutine, full code mode
  • tool magazine limit: 50 tools
  • decimal point (especially in Europe it will cause you a lot of problems if you forget to insert)
  • automatically generating information about the tool in code
  • automatic insertion code of the following tool
  • metric / imperial mode
  • an automatically generating comment in the header containing all the tools needed to perform the required operation
  • highlights code to increase readability e.g. Z in red means dangerous, be careful
  • using the simplest g-code (the code generated by Mobile CAM CNC is easy for beginners to understand)
  • generating a tool list with the most important data
  • Mobile CAM CNC will let you know if it has created an additional tool by displaying a red circle in the upper right corner of the top bar
  • line number(increments by 1, 5 or 10)
  • save as: txt, cn, cnc file (IOS version can only save as txt file!)***

* Read about a special milling algorithm

** Idea of the Smart Cycles: ”Don't think anymore how to do, but what to do”

*** There is now only one file type on IOS ( text file ).

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